About AJP

Our values

What drives us to succeed

Every single AJP motorcycle has been developed with cutting-edge technology, built under rigorous quality requirements, delivered with the utmost care and assisted by a body of qualified technicians to ensure client's satisfaction right from the very moment of purchase, and all the way through to the riding of an AJP motorcycle.


To establish AJP as a brand of global reference at a specific niche, on the recreational-Enduro segment.



To provide its clients with mobility and entertainment, through an economic and ecologic product that is nevertheless exciting.

To offer its employees a shot at professional and personal growth, thus making them proud of being part of AJP.

To financially reward its shareholders.








AJP Heritage

Building a story of passion for Enduro

1987 - 1990

AJP MOTOS began its activities in 1987 as a Moto Repair and Modifications' shop founded by António e Jorge Pinto. In 1990, AJP MOTOS presented its first creation, the ARIANA 125, equipped with a 2 stroke Casal engine. This motorcycle was produced within a limited series, but it had already adopted many original technical solutions that were further explored in future models.



1991 - 2000

Partnership with Petrogal: In 1991, AJP established a partnership with Petrogal, whose most noteworthy outcome was the development of the AJP Galp 50, and secondarily:

  • Development of a whole range of synthetic oils for 2 stroke engines;
  • The testing of Unleaded gasoline with additives
  • National Championships of Enduro from 1991 to 2000, winning five titles in a row from 1996 to 2000.
  • Participation at the National Off-Road Championships, with victories in 1996, 1997 and 1999.


​​2001 - 2004

2001 was a turning point for AJP MOTOS: a new motorcycle, the AJP PR4 125, boasting a 4 stroke engine, is launched into the market. Yet again, innovation is present in the fuel tank positioned underneath the riders seat. This disposition allows for a more aggressive behaviour by lowering the gravitational axis. The AJP PR4 125 marks the beggining of AJP's export activity, with the very first units being sent to various European countries. France, Germany and England were the first countries to receive AJP motorcycles.

In 2003, AJP MOTOS relocates to a newer space in Lousada, with 1.100 m2 of indoor area. In 2004 a new version of PR4, the PR4 200 is released. This model shares the same components as the 125, though offering a more able and potent engine. Thanks to this model, AJP began exporting to Spain, Poland, Italy and Greece as well.


2005 - Present

In 2007, a brand new model is launched, the AJP PR3 200 MX. This model introduces a new concept of frame, with double aluminum spars.

This solution allies the light weight, a simpler production whilst at the same time revolutionizing the motorcycles visual aspect, bestowing a modern and attractive design to it. A PRO version soon follows, with a set of evolved suspension.

At the end of 2008, sales take off for the homologated versions of the PR3 series, with an 125cc engine, and the 200cc one at the beginning of 2009.

In 2009, aicep Capital Global, a private equity investment company, becomes a partner of the project. Its involvement is intended to provide the company with the necessary means for the development of an expansion plan of its activities which will make it feasible for AJP to reach its minimum target of 3.000 units/year within 5 years.

In March 2010, AJP presented the PR5 250, equipped with a fuel injection system.

In December 2012, AJP presented 2013 range featuring new engines and new versions: new PR3 Trail entry level version; new 240cc engine for PR3 and PR4, for the overseas markets; new 250cc liquid cooled engine for PR5, replacing the previous air cooled.


Winning The Challenge

Though our bikes are designed for recreational enduro, leisure and travel on the road, AJP has a long tradition of participation in the competition, which has always been understood by the company as a key way for the marketing of the products, and mainly as a laboratory where the bikes are pushed to the limit and where we draw important lessons, both for the improvement of existing products, either for the development of future products.

In 2011, even on an experimental basis, the AJP participated at every race of the Portuguese Enduro Championship, winning the 2nd place in class “OPEN".

Also in Brazil, in the first year of presence in that market (2011), the AJP has secured a 1st place in the class "Over 40"; the 2nd place in the class "Beginners" and the 4th place in the class "Over 50".

In January 2012, AJP rider João Ribeiro make his debut appearance at the infamous Tough One extreme enduro and come away with an outstanding 9th in the ultra competitive Pro class. A top 10 finish would be impressive for a seasoned Tough One competitor but for João the debut result is made even more impressive by the fact he was riding a production AJP PR5, an air/oil cooled 250cc four stroke in an event renowned to be firmly two stroke orientated. 

In another demonstration of the capabilities and reliability of its products, AJP promoted in 2010 a trip of more than 18,000 kilometers, held in solitary (only rider and bike, without assistance), from Penafiel (North of Portugal) to Pretoria (South Africa) without any incident or malfunction.